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    Ok i currently have my 2 daughters at the weekend (11 and 13 yrs).  Their mother isn’t doing well emotionally at the moment.  Both girls have said they want to live with me. As their father (I’m on birth certificate) can they legally just move in with me?  Do i really need to go through courts?  I was going to write a statement for their mother to sign saying she gives me custody.  Am I on the right track?  I need to get this sorted ASAP.



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    No you will not need to go thru court for your girls to live with you, they are your children and you have the same responsibilities as mum does towards them in keeping them safe and well. Are there any court orders in place already regarding your girls?

    If mum is not doing well at the moment (is this just a passing thing that she can get beyond?) I wouldn’t be asking her to sign a statement handing over custody of the girls. It will come across as taking advantage of her when she is not well, that wouldn’t go down well if matters ended up in court.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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