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    How long have parents waited for an update to their child maintenance payments when there ex has started a new job?

    I am feeling frustrated as my ex narcissistic husband started a new job in the middle of June and I have only been receiving £30 a month for three children since March. He has not told me he has a job and would certainly not tell me his salary. Previous to losing his job, he was on a good salary but barely paying me enough for two children. I keep calling the CMS for updates and they tell me they will be informed of his job and salary via the tax office. However I have read online that some parents have been waiting for a year or longer. If you can’t speed things up through the CMS what other options do you have? It is impossible to talk to him, and he would rather not pay anything towards our children and has already said he will only contribute until he is lawfully made to. Extremely sad when there are such amazing Dads out there. Also how long do people wait for family allowance disputes to be resolved as he is trying to take some of that off of me too.

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