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    looking for some advice, my ex who my 2 children live with has sent my a message tonight saying she is vulnerable and needs to isolate  , first I knew she was even in that category.
    she is know expecting me to have the kids full time. Problem is since we spilt I’ve been staying with my mother who is in her mid 70s just wondering why I stand on this


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    Welllllll, presuming your mum has got the vaccine already as she’s over 70,you should be fine to take your kids and help out your ex.There’s dad’s on here pining to see their children more and here you are being offered them on a silver platter!

    Count yourself lucky.

    I imagine ‘isolating’ will mean for a certain period,not forever.As if she is vulnerable she will be offered the vaccine soon.

    Or you could just ignore her request for help then who knows,you might well end up having the kids full time.

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    Depends why she is isolating really. Hopefully it isnt , because she has symptoms or something. Also a bit mad that she is only vulnerable now and not 2-3 months ago when this pandemic was at a peak

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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