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    Good morning new here and just wanted some advise as dont know what to do.


    My ex partner has just sent a c100 form theiughfrom the court asking for access to see his son every weekend from Friday till Sunday.


    We split up due to his excessive drinking hes an alcoholic,  his violence towards me.  I just couldn’t take the abuse any more.  Our son was 3 when we split up.

    He did have regular contact with him but this was stopped 3 years ago due to safeguarding.  He had our son for the weekend and went to his new partners house in derby. He was late dropping him back.  When he came to the door with our son his arm was in a crepe bandage.  He said he had fallen from a tree but he took him to be checked at the local walk in centre and they said it was just a sprain.  After he left our son was in tears saying his arm is moving and really hurts.  I took him straight to A N E where they exrayed him and he had a spiral fracture of the upper arm.  Basically his lower arm wasnr even connected to the top.  He had fallen from a tree from significant height and had cut his head too.  The staff questioned what happened and he said he was in a park on his own with a friend he had met.  His dad was at home with his new partner.

    We had to be safe guarded and social services where involved so all contact was stopped.  It was over 3 months before my sons armed healed and he missed loads of school but I got him home tutoring.

    After about 6 months I agreed to contact at my home with his son where he spent a bit of time with him and eventually he had his normal contact, even though I was very wary but didn’t want my son not to see his dad.

    Last year on fathers day he had our son for the day and should of arrived home at 6pm.  I called as it was 6.30 to see where he was.  He was intoxicated on the phone and I couldn’t understand a work he was saying. He eventually turned up over 2 hours later.  He sent yet another new girlfriend to the door who I had never met.  I took my son into the house and went out to talk to him.  He then attacked mr kicking me in the head then proceeded to kick my car causing over 1000 pounds worth of damage to it.  Its currently still going through the CPS.

    After this I have stopped all contact as I feel for mine and my sons safety.  His drinking is too much and clearly cant look after him.  He has already been charged 6 times for drink driving and been sent to prison because of this.

    He not had contact with our son now since last june because of this and my sons had to have counselling at school as he witnessed what his dad had done.

    I now have had a c100 form through in the post with a court date in march.  He wants contact with his son and to have him all weekend every weekend.  I just dont know what to do.  I dont want him to have any contact with him as I feel he wont be safe and his excessive drinking too.  Also his brother is a convicted peodofile and now lives back at the family home where he lives.

    I feel that him seeing our son will have an adverse effect on his mental health and his behaviour too as he buys his live and lets him get away with everything and it effect his school work when he sees him and his behaviour at home.

    I feel I have given his dad every chance with our son but I cant risk my sons safety and well being.


    Any advise would be appreciated and how to go about the c100 form or is there another way I can get an order for no contact at all.

    Thank you so much and sorry for the long post.

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    HI Rubytuesday10

    Thank you for posting here on the forum.  I will be sending you a private message with some signposting.

    Kind regards


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