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    Im a single parent of two boys 9&2. I’m really struggling with the 9yr olds behaviour at the moment and any advice would really be appreciated.

    He is only naughty for me he’s like a different child with everyone else which i know is common but his behaviour with me is extreme, he doesn’t listen to a word i say and when he gets told off or punished he’ll flip and get violent towards me i have been punched slapped kicked stuff thrown at me and around the house. I’m scared of his temper now as he has also tried to access knives in my kitchen.

    I’m trying my best to deal with it all and stand my ground but I’m starting to feel unwell with stress because of it now and suffering panic attacks. My 2yr old has sensory problems and needs a calm environment which isn’t happening and that’s not fair and he is also now copying his brothers behaviour.

    I’ve tried to seek help through the school and doctors but nowhere is able to offer me help because he’s behaviour is only bad at home. I’v tried to get him councelling as I’m sure he has anxiety aswel as temper problems but im having no luck there either so I’m not having to consider going private which is going to be a struggle money wise.

    Please help I’m really on the edge now and I’ve run out of ideas.

    Thank you

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    This I know from past experience is not a easy time. However stick to a solid daily routine and all being well this will pass. Maybe the attention his younger sibling is getting may cause a little jealousy. But with time he will come round to the fact he is not the only prince in the household anymore. Plenty of interaction between the two and he will soon realise that this is the way things are now.

    i wish you all the best of luck.

    be firm and loving and always stand your ground with young lads it’s a dominance thing silly but that’s boys for you.

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    Thank you very much for the advice, I’m just hoping things change for the better sooner then later!

    I will continue to do what I’m doing and hopefully he’ll realise things really do need to change now.

    Thank you.

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    Family Lives phone help line. Connective parenting,  Every body hurts, on face book. Some support in parts of country, but not most. You are not alone!

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    Family Lives 9am-9pm weekdays, 10am-3pm weekends FREE helpline 0808 800 2222

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    Thank you all i appreciate the help!

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