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    Hello everyone

    I have just been dragged through the court  to stop my house purchase in a claim I live a transient lifestyle and my children are at risk. All claims were proven to be false, the fathers very long list of allegations claiming neglect, fraud, social services involvement, eviction were all evidenced as lies. He lied throughout his court papers and relied solely on his own word.

    He is lead guitarist for a very well known 80s singer and travels the world for weeks at a time. He has always prioritised work over the children and never shown any interest- even when I had a major car accident and brain haemorrhage he refused to take any care of them.
    Despite all the above being proven the magistrates ruled fixed fortnight half holidays against my 11 yo wishes but that he can change the fixed order at will due to his work schedule whereas we must seek his permission to change the order if my daughter has activities that clash. This has taken away our basic rights as humans, I have always encouraged contact around his work and never obstructed. We divorced 5 years ago and no financial split as he kept his earnings low.
    I was LiP as limited funds whereas he was represented by a top barrister and solicitors throughout. The perfect irony was that on returning home after court yesterday I received the calculation from cms saying he earns £10,000 per year so I would receive £100 per month ( which will only cover petrol between south of England to midlands every fortnight as I am also ordered to collect on every visit despite my evidence of brain injury).
    the joke is that this celebrity singer is acknowledged (MBE) for being a child charity supporter and yet has this man by his side who is happy to use the court process and legal system to attack me and use my daughter as a pawn and it seems the courts are complicit.

    I am whirring after the 6 months of stress this case has caused me financially and emotionally (which was his chief intention) but the insight into how completely driven in the absent fathers favour and not the child’s best interests at all, is gobsmacking. I have no faith in the legal system and believe narcissism is rife. I just now need to focus on keeping my daughter protected while finding a better way to disclose this disgusting vexatious behaviour.
    perhaps I will write a play – or a tv drama? Any ideas? Love to you all xxx

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    Sell your story to the papers and get some money that way. People fair better in court if they got expensive lawyers. Good luck

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    Totally agree, my husband (also a narcissist) had a barrister and the judge in his pocket, the female judge ignored our evidence of domestic violence and him causing my daughter to self harm and awarded him 20K of my inheritance money recieved at the end if the marriage so not legally his and also nearly 10k legal costs. I have no trust in the British legal system either. What can we do to fight for our rights in these circumstances?

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