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    When my husband left me, he not only left me with our 2 Sons but also 4 cats.  I have done my best by going back to work full time to keep a roof over our head, but I just can’t afford pet insurance and to consider rehoming our beloved pet I just don’t think my boys could cope with loosing anything else they loved in their life’s. I have search everywhere I know to see if I can get help with vet bills but unless your on some sort of benefits you get absolutely no help at all. It seems the more you try to stand on your own too feet the less help you get.  My kids will be devastated if anything happened to their cats. I just don’t know what to do. Does anyone have any advice?

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    In london we have cat shelters who ask for a donation. After my cat got skin cancer I had the ear amputated.and I did not have insurance.  The eye was changing colour and the vet said they could not detect.anything sinister bit i got a from the vet college telling me to bring cat in. This was about 6 years ago and although the eye has discoloured more I did not take it back to the vet. Our cat is 10 years old and my mum found it  living wild . My mum has passed away now and I stopped insurance as I couldn’t afford cat has had a good life and it stays at my neighbours . I would not give your cat away.



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    cats are pretty resilient you know. Would it be cheaper to just make sure they get their immunisations each year and then rely on the PDSA for anything else that might crop up? Check the internet for the closest branch.

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    The PDSA won’t help me as I’m not on benefits and there is no question of me getting rid of them as they are part of my family but thanks for your comments.

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