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    After being married for almost 17 years I asked my wife to move out after she had been romantically scammed for the second occasion. The first time she managed to send almost £20k to someone in Nigeria posing as an American soldier. Unfortunately she ended up commiting identify fraud twice and emptying our two sons bank accounts. She then went and did the same two months later. She’s taken out two sons with her and I just wondered how to deal with only seeing the boys at weekends and financially I’m up to my eyes in her debts,!!!!


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    Sorry to hear this, sounds like you’ve been dragged through the mill. With kids, it’s a case of make the most of the time you have with them, and do activities that they will enjoy that don’t cost – I’ve found that my Daughter especially just values my time and attention, we sat down today and just played Lego, watched a Disney Movie and walked the dog.

    Financially, it’s a crappy situation; separation seems to cause problems financially for a lot of us on here reading through the forum, I know it doesn’t help but just having somewhere to go and talk to like minded people on here is a real comfort if nothing else.


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    Yes activities don’t need to cost a lot. The list is endless baking, board games etc

    My dad left us without any money at all when me and my sister were kids. Luckily my mum saw us through. She is a stickler for budgeting. A few years later my dad let my mum down once again and she ended up in arrears. So I know whats its like when someone you trust and love can hurt you financially.

    I can never understand why men and women would give away thousands of pounds like that to a stranger. But we can only control our own actions. It will take time but you will break free from this mess your wife has created

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