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    Hi not quite sure what to write really my husband left me Tuesday night and today has been the worse day so far – writing this through the falling tears – I have 3 beautiful girls aged 2,7 and 10 who are my world. Just looking for some support I suppose am so new to all of this so many questions and so much confusion just can’t function properly can’t eat sleep everywhere I look are memories it’s so hard but I know I have to keep strong for my kids.

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    Hi Wendyg84.

    So sorry for you, I was in your position a few months ago, my  wife of 28 years left  me for a 21 year old, leaving me with  five children aged 7,10,12,15 and18. This site was a godsend, if you need to chat please feel free to message me.

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    I was there(and still am really) last wednesday 1st Aug….The worst roller coaster ride of emotions and thoughts ive had in my life…..I wouldnt have thought i could have gone through them if told!..


    Youve done on e of the best things,by coming on here”!….you wont feel(hopefully) so isolated and alone!..



    More than willing to help if i can….or just an ear to listen!

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    We’ve all been there and we’ll all be here when you need us. My biggest piece of advice to get you through the next 2 months (cos that’s how long this stage will last before you find your feet after the earthquake) is to take down photos or keepsakes that feature him or were from him, etc. Not to be mean, just to block out the fact that there’s a huge gap you weren’t anticipating reminding you every second. It’ll really help you to focus on the now and treat each day as it comes. Baby steps.

    PM me any time if it helps.

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    Hi Wendyg84

    Sorry to hear whats happened, it does get easier but of course that takes time and where you are at the moment feels like hell, I know I have been there.

    I am happy to chat, give me a messsge back if you would like to chat.

    Take care


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    Hi I’m so sorry you’re going through this, it’s hell on earth but just take even one hour at a time until you’re strong enough to take it one day at a time. Your girls will keep you going, my 3 kids are the reason I didn’t give up tho at times it was a struggle and I thought they deserved better than me but I came out the other end and, tho I still have my struggle days, I know I got this 😊

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    Hi Wendy,


    I was heartbroken reading your post. I am here for you if you should need a chat. I don’t know the rules on phone numbers, but I found speaking to people in person helped, should you feel you need to, let me know.

    You’re not on your own Wendy, you keep going for you and your lovely children. Namaste Carl 🙏🏽 ❤️

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    Hi Wendy

    i have no idea what I am doing here! My husband walked out on me and my son at the weekend, after what I thought was 10 years of happy marriage. We have an amazing 6 yr old boy.

    my world has been shattered and I don’t know what to do. I can’t eat, sleep, anything! I’m just a mess and keep breaking down in tears. Finding it difficult to keep it together for my boy, who i know is suffering but bottling it up.

    My ‘husband’ refusing to talk to talk to me, text me today that he wants a divorce but he won’t even meet me. I don’t understand! I went crazy and just turned up at the in laws and demanded he talk to me, but he wouldn’t come and talk to me. So that didn’t end well.

    I suppose I related to ur post. Maybe we should message? I have never even been on a forum so not too sure what I’m doing. If u (or anyone please !!!!!) has some advise it would be much appreciated because I just feel like a failure and no one knows what to say to me. Suppose I’m just trying to talk to someone who might be able to relate.

    Take care my sweet x

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    Dear Wendy and KH,

    I am so sorry. Read your posts and remembered all of those feelings, like most on here we have lived through it and it is heartbreaking and so tough. I wish there was a magical piece of advice that could instantly make it better for you. I can promise that it gets easier and that you will get through it. Keep talking, hold your children and know that even if you can’t do it for yourself just yet, you will make it for them.

    KH you are NOT a failure. I didn’t eat or sleep for a few weeks and also couldn’t control the sudden tears. Practical advice – buy some of those vitamin tablets that you add to water. I couldn’t swallow food but I could drink and you need something in you.

    Second what ’empty’ said about the time and baby steps. And free to chat or to just listen.

    Take care lovelies xxx



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    Hi ,


    Sorry to read this. I am sure you are feeling very lost right now?


    I wish you strength and love and I ma sure this forum will help. I have just joined too as I feel a bit lonely.

    Good luck and happy for you to message me if you want support



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    Hi there,

    Let me pat you on the back for your courage to write this, I know it’s not easy, but it’s believe me things will get better. We share one thing in common, well two, on this forum – humanity and single parenthood. I’m a single dad of 2 including a young girl and if I can do it solo, you can do it! take one day  at a time and don’t depend on anyone, trust your instincts and be well for the children, they need you.

    You can do this!!!

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    Hi all,

    canr beleieve how kind u all are ☺️ Restores my faith in humanity!

    My ex is pounding forward with his plans for ‘single life’. Trying to force me to buy him out the house or sell, as he keeps telling me ‘he can’t walk away with nothing’. Wants a divorce immediately too. Telling me he is going to instruct a solicitor. Il just remind u that he walked out 3 weeks ago after 17 years, still no explanation.

    Trying to focus on me and my son, our lives. Just so tired 😑 . How do u keep jumping all these hurdles? just when I think I’m getting there, he knocks me back again. I don’t even want to look at him, but know that we have to talk, surely?? We have 17 years to unravel?

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    I went through thos 6mtj ago and like you my world feel apart. It goes gets bettter honestly one day at a time xxx

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    Mee and my husvand wouls gave been married 16year this year. (Sorry dobt no how to edit last post to add that on)

    Feel free to read my post from feb and see how i was then. Message any time

    It will get better xxxx

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