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    Youll get there. We all know you will. xx

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    Totally with you on the loneliness.

    I’ve never been on my own either until now. I have good and bad moments, sometimes good or bad days.

    It’s shock to begin with, a sort of ptsd, where you will feel all over the place – and that’s okay.

    As for being upset in front of kids, again, okay. It’s good for them to know it’s okay to show emotion, natural.
    Now is the hardest time to be going through this with covid- but the way I see it, might as well have all the shit together and then when I’m ready to get out we hopefully will be able to.

    Wishing you and everyone who have said their new to being on own luck and support. Needing it to- but we’ll get there.x

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    I’m sorry you are on your own.There seems to be zillions of people on their own,it’s a bit ridiculous isn’t it? Very impractical I’m sure it wasn’t meant to be like this.

    I hope today was a good day for you,either way I hope tmrw is better.

    Just a couple of observations.

    Ptsd would suggest the stress has ended ie: the p standing for POST in Traumatic Stress Disorder.If the situation is a ‘shock to Begin with’,then you can’t really suffer PTSD in the same sentence,as you have intimated that the shock has only just begun.Surely only once the shock has worn off can one suffer PTSD -or once the trauma is over.unfortunately I think being a single parent is one long drawn out trauma🤷 we therefore never get the privilege of ptsd.I’m also not sure that ptsd and ‘feeling all over the place’, work together.I think some sufferers of ptsd actually feel nothing.And also I don’t mean to pick your thoughts apart,but just out of curiosity-do you really think it’s ok to cry in front of the kids? I only once in my life saw one of my parents cry and I found it extremely upsetting.I really would have preferred not to.Just bc something is natural does not mean I have to be privy to it.I can think of quite a few natural occurrences I prefer not to see thank you.

    Other than that there’ll be more good days ahead with a bit of luck.It’s about time😉


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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