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    My heart his breaking tonight as details of the time the kids had with their dad over the Xmas period come out.

    It opens scars and wounds I have tried hard to close. Memories of the verbal and emotional abuse return.

    But most of all I left their father 5 years ago to protect my babies. I did not want them to hear his verbal, emotional and psychological abuse anymore.

    I’m not doing this any more. As I cannot protect them when they are there with him.

    They have to endure it all again. As he has now started the same behaviour to his new girlfriend, our children and his step daughter.

    How do I get it to stop for them??

    It’s not right.

    He’s so manipulative that they cannot simply just chose not to be there anymore.

    He will be charming dad for a while again now. Super dad, spending money on them, being super fun… this is how he draws you back in.

    Ready to go again another time when he’s drunk too much and behaves appallingly.

    I do not want my children to witness this anymore.

    What can I do???

    I’m sure if I reported it, authorities would go and assess and he’d be his charming self. The perfect dad.

    Emotional scars are invisible, there is no black eye, broken bone nor bruise to see.

    I feel utterly broken hearted and helpless.

    All I can do, is love them with all my heart, give them a loving home where they know they are safe. But I fear for what will happen when they return to him in a couple of days time.

    Any advice on what I can do, will be much appreciated please?

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    Hi @Beth333,  You must have posted at a quiet time so I have moved your post up so others see it. Meanwhile, I’ll send you a private message with some ideas for support.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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