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    Hi all sorry just needing to vent, looking for advice from anyone else in a similar situation


    I’m a 35 YO single dad of 3 girls, aged 7, 5 and 2, I am currently furloughed from work for the next 3 weeks, and the girls are not allowed to see their mother (alcoholic) for the duration of the lockdown, as she can’t have anyone from outside her home come in, and she isn’t allowed unsupervised contact with our daughters

    I was originally loving the quality time with the girls, but now the house is getting smaller and smaller and I’m finding it difficult to entertain/educate them

    Their ages are close but just far enough apart that no activity seems to keep all 3 happy at once. I’m learning to cook but it’s hard to involve all 3 in that.  I don’t even know specifically what I’m asking for, any websites/references for things to do with the girls, or anyone in a similar situation with any coping strategies


    Anyway, I hope everyone’s staying healthy and safe

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    Try having a time table then stick to it.

    1. Gardening = planting seeds. We have planted 100 sunflower seeds

    2. Baking biscuits = gingerbread biscuits can be decorated

    3. Get a paddling pool and make picnic and sit in garden

    4. Look up science projects = making a fizzing volcano get children to make one from old news paper and paint it.

    5. Film nite with popcorn and hot dogs and chips

    6. Look up crafts = pom pom bunting

    7. Keep fit classes in afternoon  will tire them out making is easy too.

    Good luck. Sorry but this is what I’m doing at mo.x

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    One for Easter, hard boil an egg each, decorate them with pens/paint, then as part of your hours exercise, take them to a hill and roll them down (and then back to the top for another go) until the eggs are smashed and the kids are knackered 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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