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    Decided to separate after 12 yrs. He was as I read all the post emotionally abusive in all sorts of way.

    Dont get me wrong he was and hope will be a good father to our son of 10, but he is so agressive in his words to me that I am scared as hell everytime we in same room now…

    Having mortgage so I have to sell the house (50/50)

    Find something for me and my son as he saying everything will be on me.. Our son clubs, expences on him etc. My ex will have him every 2nd weekend. Saying do not count on financial support regards our son.

    I wont keep the house, barely paid for ebything in here as on part time, dont know where to go who to ask for help… Aparat asking for meeting my mortgage advisor and pray for options and filling UC not having an idea how will I survive as with the profit from selling house will not get either council house or housing benefit.

    I am shaking all day. My stomach is pea size… Feels like I will faint in any minute.. Plus my son still dont kniw and that is cherry on the top as even thinking about it breaks my heart as he is one big but emotional boy.

    Any advice please… Anything.

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    You are not alone. Just starting to split from husband of 10 years. Having to tell my 6 year old is what keeps me up all night – knowing I’m just about to break her world. She is also very sensitive and loves her daddy but he is so controlling and belittling to me. I hope she will see in time that I did it for the best.

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    *deleted user*

    You are in the right place here hon.

    Sunday evening.

    I am really not sure how quickly the moderators on here will respond so I will say the following.

    Slightest inking you are in danger. Get yourself and your kid OUT.

    999 to phone but better than that head down to your local police station and report the abuse. Take your child.

    Not sure if women’s aid is still open but please phone them to discuss your options.

    All else can be sorted later.

    Once you are at the police station they can take you to women’s refuge.

    Just get yourself there. It sounds really urgent and these situations can escalate really quickly.

    Good luck


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    *deleted user*

    Womens aid should have 24 hour help line. Honestly you can’t wait. These situations will escalate.

    Are you hearing this?


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    *deleted user*

    Google Womens Aid to find support in your area

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    It sound sooooo drastic.. But thank you

    (sorry for spellings mistakes, i am not english)


    Today I woke up at 4 in the morning, not shaking just peace in my whole body, when he went to work it all started again and my stomach wanted to get rid of everything I gad in there… Keep saying to myself I will be ok I can do this, but after 12 yrs depending on someone mostly financialy I have doubts as nothing really started yet, will I manage will I be ok or should I stay and try again to work things out…

    I was always his secretary writing paperworks emails etc but when it comes to myself I know I am loosing time nit doing nothing…

    Its soo hard.. One minute I am ok in the next one shaking again..

    That battle in my head is killing me…


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    Hi @Sunshine3107, Please look out for a private message from me with ideas for support.  Best wishes, Helen

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