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    Single dad 90

    So me and my wife have recently separated, her decision (4weeks ago)

    In the last 2 weeks she has been at her parents and her mum is a key worker working in a shop. I have offered to move into my parents house so they can move back to our house as I’m worried for his safety. She won’t move back in and I have reasons to believe that she is going to someone else’s house and committing adultery. Which is adding more risk to my son. What should I do?

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    Hi.  I’m new to this site so hope I’m doing this right. as far as I can see, I th8 k I’m the first one to answer you. It’s very good of you to offer to move out and very selfless.  Your solicitor would probably advise you against it from a financial point of view. Reading between the lines you are not ready to accept that scenario yet but bear in mind that you need to take care. It’s very raw for you. As for your son, I can understand your concern in the current climate.  Luckily things do seem to be going downwards from the peak.are you able to talk to her about her meeting up with anyone not from her household (obviously against the guidelines) and putting your son at more risk?

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    Don’t do anything. It is up to your ex where she lives and what she does with her time.  It sounds like she benefits from the support of her parents in looking after your son. It is still early days in terms of the separation and you have years of co-parenting to get through. They will be much easier on your child if you can do so amicably.

    Children are not badly affected by cv unless your son has a specific medical condition.  As long as you see him regularly, as per the govt guidelines, let it go.

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    Do you think she would put your son knowingly at risk? And is your son highly vulnerable to the virus?

    If one or both answers are no, then perhaps talking to a friend or relative that knows both of you might help ease your worries or help you discuss them with her?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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