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    Last night my partner got drunk slapped me around the head said all nasty awful things to me. I dont want to stay wity him but i have a job i love and need to support my son. My partner says if i leave him he report me for child abuse as its holidays and my son will be home alone hes 13 nearly 14 hes not my partners child. Any advice

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    In my experience once a male starts hitting his wife it doesn’t stop (people I have known, not me I hasten to add) though I’d be happy to be proved wrong I doubt I will be. No doubt it will be apology / I’ll never do it again – that is until the next time he is drunk and does it again!

    If it was me I’d start planning an escape route, can you afford to rent / deposit for a flat on your salary? It will take weeks to sort it out so it needs planning, Do you have your own Bank account (as in not Joint)? Do you have to leave the family home or can / should he leave?  Investigate counselling, it might or might not work but it will make him think and give you breathing space to plan or be sure of your feelings. If his actions have left bruises document what happened and get photos, keep them in a safe place he wont find them.

    There are excellent charities out there who help and will guide you, you need to reach out them (including of course on here… Good luck.

    Just remember that all men are not like him.

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    The National Domestic Abuse Helpline 0808 2000 247 can give you specialist advice and support and can help you to make a plan to leave your partner safely. You can find more information on their confidential website here:

    You can also contact our free Gingerbread single parent helpline on 0808 802 0925 to speak to one of our advisers who can advise you on what help is available with housing, childcare and benefit help:

    If you feel you are in immediate danger at any time you can also contact the police on 999.

    Best wishes,



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