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    I separated from my wife last year.  It has been a rough time, at first she wouldn’t let me take our son out of the house and put demands on everything we have tried to achieve since then.  The beginning of this year my time with him was very good, he got on with my new partner and her son and we all had fun.  Over the last six months it has got progressively worse, we have had to drop the overnight stay (I have him every other weekend) as he is very unsettled, would wake several times in the night and just want to cuddle me.  He hits out at my partner and says things like “I don’t like you, you make my mummy cry”, he has called her a skank, he is only 3 now.

    We worry about what he is hearing when he is not with us, what we could do about it? is there anyone that could help? and just general suggestions for how we can make him feel more settled.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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