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    I applied for universal credit and im due my first payment this week – I have logged onto the system this morning and have been asked to provide earnings from jan 2019 to jan 2020 from both me and my ex husband.


    I don’t understand why I have been asked this – I feel it has no relevance to my current situation.


    this time last year the income to the household was good, im now a single mum with 2 chidren and haven’t had any income since December, which I have put in the boxes. it just seems odd.

    can anyone shed any light on this?  Thanks x

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    Hi Becks,

    UC is a nightmare and constantly changing, to get the most up to date information and advice I’d give the gingerbread helpline a ring, you can find the number under contact us below.


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    I have been on UC for a year and have had a few ups and downs with it so hopefully can help you. Regarding the salaries for both partners for the last year, they want to know what your previous salary was and how much you lived on with a combined salary in comparison to a single parent income now. If you weren’t together and lived separately for any of those months and therefore didn’t have a joint income you need to tell them this. I use my account journal all the time to ask them questions so I would ask them this exact question on there. I have also used my local Citizens Advice Bureau for advice / support with UC.

    good luck x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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