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    Hi all, I’ve just joined the gingerbread community (sixteen years into being a single parent haha, better late than never!) and have read a couple of similar threads but wondered if anyone might have any further advice to add please? I’m due to start an access course this year and will continue in my current role at work on reduced hours so do not expect any financial hardships or big cut backs until Sept 2021, but after this when I plan to study full time it’s very difficult to try and work out what our family income will look like! All the online calculators say that they won’t give an accurate result if you are a full time student but I’m not loving the idea of leaving work altogether to find myself in a position where I’ll struggle to look after us all, is there anywhere this information can be found as UC obviously have a system for working it out so the information must be available? I should probably add that we are currently on the legacy tax credits system so am still finding my feet with the move to UC that would be required too. TIA xx

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