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    Hi all I’m new to this so please take it easy on me. I’m at the end of my tether with the situation I’m in tbh I’m a working single dad of a 4 yo due to my partner passing just away 2 weeks after the birth. The past few years have been incredibly testing and tough but never ever not for a single second have I not put my son first he is my absolute everything 9 months ago I started a new job and I love it it is minimum wage but works for our situation or at least did. In April universal credit awarded us £0 because 2 of my wages overlapped their assessment period (which is absolutely crackers) so rather than put our home at risk by falling into arrears I had to get a £1000 loan from my bank to keep us afloat I contacted uc and they just kept telling me “nothing can be done” it’s policy. I just about swallowed that one and wrote it off but did contact our MP and put in a complaint formally because it’s as if I’m being penalized for working. This month the complete clowns have done it again but this time I’ve no lines of credit left to pull us out of it and by the next time I get any wages or if I’ll be well over £1000 in arrears and it’ll take God only knows how long playing catch up.

    I just wanted to see if there’s any one else out there in a similar situation for advice.

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    Hey, I’m in a similar situation as far as UC goes. I’ve always worked, I lost my job through a settlement agreement and redundancy in March so have been claiming ever since. Every month they’ve failed to get it right, my first month they didn’t verify the children so I was classed as a single adult. The 2nd month it was housing costs. This month my previous employer sent my p45 stating I’d left in April, when I’d left in March, so therefore my end salary of March, is taken as April and so on. First time ever missing rent. Absolutely frazzled. The only advice I can give is write in the journal to your work coach/case manager, explain to both employers the situation and get them to write in.

    Thinking of you

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    Hi there


    Yeah Universal Credit is a massive joke. If your paid 4 weekly then there will be one month in the year where you get 2 wages working your assessment period so they see this as you having two wages.


    Its shocking to be honest I have had the exact same thing to me in January (which was the first month I had to pay my full months childcare fees) and the month I didn’t get any UC

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    Thank you I was truly starting to think that I was alone and being shafted by a crack pot system. I have an opportunity on the 16th to put my case to the welfare rights team and I will not waste it. Good luck everyone and I hope justice prevails

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    I’ve never known a system so unfair. I have recently gone onto UC due to pretty much be forced from my job after mat leave. Then a sudden and needed break up which I instigated I’ve been shocked how little I get and also how little they value our lives. It’s a system, it’s not a people system at all.

    Even my work coach is besides himself as I’m late with my rent.

    Sounds really interesting that @BigDaddy79 keep me updated on your progress.

    Where are you based? Just interested if your job centre staff are more supportive than mine!

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    Have you received an advance from them.  That’s what I did at the start of my claim and at latter dates. You pay it back interest free from what they award you.  I had all this trouble last year. It’s a disgrace but thankfully smooth now.  I also chased them up at least weekly sometimes more often as I found the journals got ignored.

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    I had the advance and apparently you get one only. You can’t have a loan either until you’ve been on the benefit for 6 months.

    im already planning on heading back out to work come September, although I do feel I need time to heal a bit more,first time being unemployed in 20 yrs and it’s crippling. Already had the food bank twice in a fortnight.

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    Morning all

    Universal credit can be really tricky to work your way through.  Our advisers on our single parent helpline have received up to date training around this. They are a fantastic team and should be able to help you to explore your options.  They can be busy, so expect to wait a while before they get to your call.  Calls are free.

    Hope that helps, Justine

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