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    Hi, I am going through seperation atm. I dont know where to start, I don’t work and currently studying. I need to move out with my 2 kids but no idea how with no money. We already jointly claim UC but have no idea if we can claim separately whilst still under the same roof. He is the earner of the house, now we are not together it’s his money not mine. So I have nothing! We are not married so not entitled anyway. I dont know what to do. Please help. Should I contact UC and ask them? I don’t know how on Earth I can move when not getting any income. I feel trapped and suffer with severe depression as it is.

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    Hi there, I am in the same situation as you apart from I work part time and have 3 kids. I would ring universal credit and ask them for some advice.You will have to start a single claim the same as what I will have to do. I am not sure if u can claim single if you are still in the same house? I have been trying to find that out too, stay strong things will work out in the end I am coming out of a 11 year relationship  it’s scary but there is help out there .x


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    hey I can’t offer advice but I am in the same boat.  20 year marriage is now ending but i have 2 young children and have depended on him all the time.  I need encouraging stories.  i am now working FT but the pay isn’t great so i will need more help to get through.  Tbh this is why i haven’t left for so long but it’s come to the time where i can’t deal with the swearing and insults anymore and need to do right for my kids.  I hope UC can offer you some help.  How long with you be studying for?

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    You can claim UC as a single person if you don’t live with someone you are in a relationship with. I think they define relationship as doing each other’s washing, sharing food, basically pooling your time and money.

    So once you’ve split like you have you can claim. However you need to watch your number of hours studying.


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    Hi Pixi86, I’ve had a crappy Christmas as we’ve got covid so not felt great and not been able to see anyone. Anyway, I saw your post and wanted to just let you know you can claim UC even if you still live with you ex, you just need to explain why you are still living under the same roof.  They might query it but you should still be able to claim. If you need help citizens advice or welfare rights through your local council should be able to help you. Good luck x


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    Hello. I split with my ex partner last year but as he was still named on the tenancy at the time we continued to live in the same house but as single people. I contacted UC and started a single claim and stated that we are living in the same house but in separate bedrooms and like strangers almost.

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    Thank you all.

    So how do you prove it? Did you just message your work coaches in the journal part? I’ll be doing it in the 8th as that’s the last joint payment we would get. How do I prove that we are not a couple, our children now know. His clothes are in the cupboard downstairs, I’ll be coming off the joint bank account. We will do our shopping seperatly, we have our own cars. It’s such a weird situation but there is no other option.

    Sorry you are all going through a hard time. Xx 💜

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    Hi everyone, same situation here. I live in his house with my two little children. I would love to escape and rent a flat but working part time at the moment seems impossible. I didn’ t know i could claim UC living in the same roof but i ll try

    Any other suggestion would be really appreciated

    We also passed a terrible Christmas due to covid and unfair behavior 🙁

    Happy 2022 and hope we all start a new enjoable better life with our little treasures

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    have you been through mediation, throughout the pandemic I lost my job (we did a joint UC application) and my partner separated from me. She works part time. We just informed UC that we were separated and did not require a Joint claim

    get every benefit you are entitled too, you’ll be able to work out the Universal Credit with help from your local office and through the journal

    we lived in the same house for almost a year (not easy!!)

    we agreed on an equity split in her favour on the house sale and she has secured a shared ownership property to provide a secure home for the kids and maintenance from me as the childcare is split 60/40

    incredibly sad and tough times for any parent going through separation, but time will make things better

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    Hi all, just to keep you informed. I managed to change it all last night by messaging my work coach on the app, she has booked me in this morning for advanced claim and I have an appointment again Tuesday. Hopefully I’ll be able to claim. Xx 💜 Thank you for all the advice. It’s going to take a while to find somewhere so I’m hoping after paying half for everything each month I can also save x

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