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    Hi! I’m new on here and was hoping for some advice. I currently live with my partner and 2 children in his housing association property. I am looking to move, just me and the two kids which would obviously be private property. I am just wondering how do I go about getting universal credit/housing benefit? I have tried using a calculator to work out how much I would get but it asks for the details of the property which I don’t have yet. Which happens first, do I find a property and then apply for help or apply then find a property?

    Sorry for silly questions this is all new to me!

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    Hi, you’d not claim housing support until you have a property. You can put in theoretical amounts to get an idea, but with UC it works differently to legacy benefits due to the household income affecting every benefit, including housing ekement, based on prior month’s  income. It’s paid in arrears.

    So on legacy benefits of housing benefit you might get awarded full benefit, but be capped in certain circumstances. On UC you get a certain amount but then whatever income you have from last payslips gets deducted, it can fluctuate. It works well for the child elenevt to avoid overpayment of tax credits but does mean that you can’t rely on getting exact same money each month if your income fluctuates.

    So, your entitlement for housing will depend not onky on how much the rent is, but if household income fluctuates and you might jot be paid as much of the rent in benefits.

    You can check tho what your local housing allowance is, so that you know the maximum monthly rent that would be covered by the housing element. That will narrow down what to look at for when yiu do move and claim.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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