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    My husband recently left the family home and I am now living alone with my 2 children. I rent privately and have applied for UC. We have not received any UC for a long while now and of course, now it is just my income that it is based upon. I used the online calculators provided on the GOV website which my UC advisor advised me are accurate and if this is the case then the amount that I could get will greatly help however I am not convinced that I will get the amount that has been stated.

    The guidance around who is eligible for instance is confusing as there is nothing to say what classes specifically as a low income although I am assuming that as I am over 18 (one of the elgibility criteria) and have less than 16K in saving (another criteria) and live in the UK (you see where I am going) that these things make me eligible. I have a reasonable job and work my contracted hours of 25 hours a week. UC have said that I have to wait until the 16th November for a decision which I understand as it is paid in arrears etc based on your income for the previous month and I am getting very anxious about it.

    I guess I would like to know what other people’s experience of using these calculators has been like? (I used all the ones on the GOV website and ended up with similar figures give or take a few pounds either way). Did you find that they were mostly accurate? Was there massive differences in the amount that it said you were entitled to and what you actually ended up with? I’d be grateful for some advice.

    Thank you in advance


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    In my situation I also had to use UC, they offered me some upfront money £500 and I excepted as it helped until the UC was sorted.

    the £500 is then taken off the UC every month at the amount you choose.


    hope that helps

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    Mine was approximately correct give or take a few £’s.

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    I found the calculations correct also, the only time issues arise is when you employee make pay errors they can catch you off guard.

    i also applied for a £500 advance which I pay back monthly whilst I was waiting for payments to be varified

    It is a time of increased anxiety and feelings in this period embarking on change and the realisation that you are doing this on your own.

    you can do it, I’m in month 3 of settling all the financial aspects of splitting with my x partner. I’m feeling more organised more in control and can process things now I couldn’t all those months ago.
    be proud of yourself for managing to hold down a job in this time, it’s a full time juggling act 😊

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    Hey, I didn’t use the calculator but guidelines say for every pound you earn 63p is taken off. Hope that helps x

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    @holden I am aware of that but the calculators already factor that in. 🙂

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    ok cool.

    I was anxious too – the only thing I could do was to check 5 days before payment on the portal. Sorry, if you already know this 🙂

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    Again, met the criteria and found it to be about right, I think first payment was slightly more (because I’d waited 5 weeks for it), then it evened out to about what they said in the calculator.

    With UC I found it very helpful, but only if you are like on it with the portal, so they ask for proof of something, upload it, they asked to confirm you understand your obligations like every 2 months, do it straight away. If you do the things they ask, when they ask, they always paid correctly and on time.

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