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    I intend to ring UC but just wondered if anyone knew the answer?

    im moving house in 4 weeks to an area where it’s UC. I’m currently living with my aunt and claim tax credits and housing benefit and pay her rent. Can I start my UC claim now before I move so everything’s in place ready or will I have to wait until I actually move?

    i am moving back to my marital home with my 9 year old  (ex is leaving) and I have two non dependant sons there so I won’t get help with my rent but I need to make sure I’m not 5 weeks without money when I move back so I can pay the rent straight away so was thinking if I did the claim now it would be nearly done by the time I move back but not sure if it can be done?

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    Hi thanks for your reply Anonymous.

    i really would prefer the five weeks delay whilst living at my aunts as my bills are included so I have no extra costs at the moment then I’m set up ready to pay rent, c.tax and bills when I move back.

    my new area is fully on UC but I won’t be claiming the housing or c.tax element due to both my sons working full time.

    i did all 3 calculators and they all seem to say that I’ll be nearly £300 better off on UC but do you think this could not be the case?

    i am so worried about making the wrong move here as I don’t want to put any extra financial burden on my sons. They will be contributing with housekeeping but I need to make sure I can cover costs myself.

    i currently work 12 hours but that will be increased to 16 when I move area. Don’t know if that makes a difference or not other than in my wages

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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