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    Hi Bit of a long message below –


    I currently work 8.5 hours a week and have a 3 year old son who attends nursery in the mornings and am looking for either a second job to top up my hours so I’m working 16 hours a week or find a job that gives me all of my hours.

    The agent at the job centre said even when I’m working 16 hours I will still need to come into the job centre every 2 weeks untill I’m working full time 40 hours a week?

    I thought the required hours of work for 3-4 year olds was 16 hours a week, 5 years would be 25 hours and 13+ is 35 hours. But surely once I’m working 16 until he’s 5 I wouldn’t be required to keep coming into the job centre ?

    At the moment I can only work weekends. I don’t have any family or friends to help me out whatsoever.

    I can’t afford the first month’s or first 3 months upfront payments even if I can claim them back at the moment and it’d take quite a while to save up the amount I’d need.

    My son starts full time next year in September and I have been looking for school pick up/drop off childminders but none are available at the school he goes to.

    The only other option is breakfast and aftershool clubs ? I can’t work evenings as I have no help with childcare and all childminders finish at 6pm.

    I’m getting quite stressed and anxious trying to sort everything out and was just wondering what other people do to manage the child care?

    Plus I’ve tried to message my advisor twice this week and I get no reply and when I do go into appointments he hasn’t read my journal and doesn’t listen to me properly it’s really frustrating.

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    Hi @Katesqui33, I hope you connect with some other parents soon about this. Meanwhile, here’s some information on our website you may find useful. Childcare – Gingerbread

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