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    Very newly single parent here. My husband moved this weekend after a joint decision to separate last week.

    As I work part time I will need to apply for Universal Credit. As it asks online to bring evidence of tenancy I let me landlord know the situation. Currently there is a joint tenancy woth both mine and ex’s name on. She has refused to do a new tenancy with just my name as she apparently needs to serve notice to allow her to use the property for her elderly mother.

    So I’m now in a position where I fear my new claim will be impacted by being in limbo.

    This must surely be a common issue for new claimants who are claiming due to separation?

    Any advice gratefully received!

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    Hi Rach

    Im no expert but id be pretty sure they would have come accross this situation many,many times. The break up is very recent and im sure they wouldnt have expected you to have sorted a new tenancy agreement at such short notice. Youve done the right thing by letting your Landlord know of the new circumstances and now all you need to do is take your tenancy agreement with you and ask them if this will impact your Universal Credit in anyway. Im pretty sure it wont.

    Best of luck….Mark

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    I’m a little confused with regards to the elderly mother, is this the landlords elderly mother?

    Is she giving you notice to leave the house or have I misunderstood something?

    With UC you just need to let them what has happened and why ex’s name is still on the tenancy, you should be fine.

    I was in a similar position, there was a bit of tooing and froing with UC but I asked for it to be taken to the decision makers. The decision was that even tho my ex would not take his name off of the tenancy they still regarded me as a single person living there with my son. They did say they might send someone to make sure he wasn’t living with me which would have been fine with me but they never did. You should be okay, your def not the first person to be in this position.

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    In reply to Kath yes when landlord eventually replied to my emails it was to say that she wouldn’t be able to do a new tenancy for me as her elderly mother needs to move into the bungalow. My ex thinks it’s a big coincidence and she just doesn’t want to rent to a single mum on benefits but either way I’ll never know.



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