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    Winter Solstice


    I’ve had an extension to my sick note (i.e. its my second).  This is for two conditions, the primary one being a recurrent physical issue that is apparently going to be a slow recovery (awaiting an appointment with a consultant in November to find out more).  However my work coach has still scheduled a meeting after I submitted that sick note, and it was only on my insistence that I couldn’t physically come in for a face-to-face that she switched it to a phone call (I can only manage one outing a day and all that stamina is more than used up on the kids, for whom I am the sole carer).  I’m quite new to UC – is this normal for work coaches to still schedule the regular meetings even when you’ve submitted a sick note??  The other issue that challenges is anxiety, which is the other issue on the sick note…..unsurprisingly that pressure is not exactly helping that!

    Thanks for any help.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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