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    Just wondering if anyone has had any dealings with claiming childcare costs back via UC?

    I have recently gone back to work from maternity, UC topped up my statutory maternity pay which obviously now I’m back at work is wiped out by my wage, no problems there but I was advised as a single parent I could claim 85% of my nursery fees back.

    I have received my statement and they have deducted it all off me. Does the amount of childcare you can claim back go on your earnings? I do have a good job but also have a mortgage to pay and I am not eligible for any other type of help,  I am really going to struggle with no help with the fees 🙁 at no point did anyone tell me it was based on earnings.

    I had several discussions with UC before I returned to work and they even quoted me figures based on my wage so just cant understand why they have deducted it all away! I am awaiting a phone call back to discuss but with current corona issues its taking ages for them to come back me.

    Thanks Natalie


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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