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    I was wandering if anyone can give some advice, I’m a single parent of a 2 year old, I don’t get any other help other than working tax now universal credit.


    I have just switched over from working tax to universal credits and I cried! What went so wrong, I was working 16 hours 3 evenings a week so I can spend as much time with my little one, I was getting help from working tax £490 per month as well as wages, which we was really settled on, I’m now on universal credit and only entitled to £291 per month ( Please correct me if I’m wrong if you earn over £400 they take a £1 away from universal  credit) I have just moved into a new home for us both which is why I had to move on to universal credit due to claiming housing benefit, they messed my rent up due to the council changing there name so I’m now in the arrears, I’ve been ringing around all day, everyone keeps blaming everyone else, no one could give me an answer on how they can do this to families let alone single parents,  I’ve looked into changing my job and upping my hours just so I can afford what they took away from me, I’m a community carer so majority of the help went on petrol as well as the necessities for my little one which Is now a huge struggle, I have bills to pay and now my rent arrears. I’m fortunate enough my mum will look after little one whilst I work so nursery fees aren’t really a problem just yet, after figuring it out all evening I have to work 52 hours 4  12 hour night shifts a week just so I can make up what universal credit took away, has anyone else been in this situation or could advice me on where to go from here, shall I dispute? I’m not sure how well I can cope doing night shifts then having to be mum all day, the hours I was doing was perfect I even thought about doing 48 hours a week on night shift as this is why universal credit is in affect to get us to work more which would’ve been perfect as I would then get 5 days off to treasure, but the money to help just wasn’t there for the bills, it would be greatly appreciated if I could have some feedback or advice, many thanks.

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    Hi there,

    Just reading your post regarding UC.  I to – get UC, 290 pm does not sound right at all, you should, in practice get more or less same amount as before whichever method you’re on.  That sounds outrageous to me… but comes as no surprise at all.  In my dealings with the UC contact centre I’m constantly chasing for answers, and getting ‘conflicting’ and inaccurate information from DWP advisors, not to mention the hours and hours it takes to get through.  If you havnt already thought of going to Citizens Advice maybe they could help you for sure, they were helpful to me.

    Peggy mum of



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    Hi Peggy,

    thats brilliant thanks, I have an appointment with work to see if I can up my hours on Tuesday, so I will defiantly pop in and see if I can talk to someone about universal credit, I’ve tried ringing citenzens advice but they charge for calls so it’s difficult they also keep you waiting.

    Thank you for your advice. X

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    Did you get any good answer?

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    Hi Vilma

    after lots of changes being made via work etc everything has finally been sorted out!

    thank you for asking

    kind regards



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