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    Hi everyone I’m really hoping there is somebody on here that can provide some clarity my brains about to explode with having to get my head around this new system I’ve been placed on due to a change in circumstances.

    My assessment period for UC took place between the 11th of June to the 10th July and today I was finally informed of how much I was due during this period which at first I thought seemed okay going by what I used to get from hb and working / child tax credits previously. It only then occurred to me that I need to wait another week to actually recieve this payment meaning this payment I wil be getting is ultimately spread out over a five week period meaning I’m £200 down if you look at it in that perspective (due to get 798 for the four weeks but over five I’m losing out a huge chunk)

    The next payment will be again on the 17th of the month aga in a week after I’m told what I’m entitled to meaning again there’s that extra week waiting so really your payments are spread over longer weeks? So I’ll be losing out approx £1500 per year if this is the case?

    I just can’t my head around it all, I hope someone can understand my query and help me make some sense of it all. Thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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