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    When we decided to make baby never think that we are going to go to court to sign divorce papers.

    Now, those days are gone and I’m living alone with my son

    She didn’t accept to keep and look after him.

    You know, the life is completely unfair and disappointing….

    Whenever I want to have relation with any, I must think about many things and my son.

    Of course my situation does not allow me to have any relation and no one’s also eager to have it even in social app and media….

    I need someone to understand this situation, I just want to talk because, I’m so tired to talk with myself ..

    I hope I could any way and hope best things and hope for anyone’s like me

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    Hi Ali.

    I’m a single dad and have been for many years, I understand your problem but I can assure you that not all women will reject you for being a dad, it’s tough to meet the right girl but they are out there.

    It might take a while to get your head around things but you’ll be ok. You’ll soon realise the privalidge and joy of bringing up a little one.

    All the best mate


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    I feel you bruv, don’t give up. Get out there as much as possible, try online dating. Things will turn around if you keep trying.

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    Dear Mark,

    Thank you very much for such great reply.

    it takes a while and i’m waiting for that…..

    hope best wishes



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    Dear Jason,

    I didn’t get a good result from online dating but I’ll keep trying to find some one, by the way thanks for your response mate

    I’m not alone and there are some great guys here with great understanding

    thank you very much guys

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    Keep trying Ali, we’ve all got hurdles to overcome in life and they make us stronger as an individual. I try different approaches to see what works for me, one thing I enjoy is the parkrun Saturday 9am! It’s free and I love/recommend it:)

    All the best,


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    Dear lc2018,

    Parkrun is a great thing buddy,

    Thanks for your reply and yes it’s true we have to overcome all these f..cking damn things.

    It’s difficult but there is no excuses

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    I understand you completely. Those days when you feel life is totally unfair. I’ve good days and bad days but being alone with no close friends or family near me is a challenge. Feel free to msg me.

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    I know what you mean!- there are practicalities like even arranging childcare before you can go on a date, and then thinking about what you are teaching your kids about relationships by your example, and then dealing with preconceptions about single parents, and if it gets that far how might that person click with your kids. Meanwhile your ex- is free and able to date and move on…

    But there are plus sides. You won’t have time for time-wasters, you will quickly find out about people’s characters, and you might be single longer but will grow into a more whole person along the way. When you meet the right person she will have so much respect for you as a father.

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    Hi Caroline,

    Good morning and hope doing well.

    thanks for your kind reply and it is a great things for me to just send a message.

    you know that….

    just embrace and heal my inner void and you know it is a great feeling when I knew you guys had such experienced like that because you knew it how it goes and how it is.

    Thanks and it is a great things Caroline!

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    My dear Red23,

    Thanks for your great reply.

    In these days, it is truly difficult even to think to have some relations but of course living without it, is not possible at least for me!


    firstly, I need to pull myself together and after a while, like you said there are many ways to understand and know the right person.

    your reply was optimistic and things might get better but it doesn’t look very hopeful right now

    By the way

    thanks mate



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    Hi Ali.saa

    I completely get it. I have been single for 2 years and have my son full time (his Dad sees him on a Wednesday night) and while I love my son so much and he hasn’t done anything wrong, I feel that I am just his mum and I have lost my identity and who I am and the little bit of freedom I could have. as much as I enjoy my own company and my sons, once he goes to bed…it get lonely and I hate not having the company.

    I am on dating sites but again, its trying to find the time to arrange to meet someone. (i tend to look for guys that have kids as they will understand some difficulties)

    im forward being told that my ex is off doing this that and the other….it bugs me that he has little or no respect for his child and hen I remember that I am bless to have an amazing relationship with my son and he doesn’t have that.

    but ……………….. oh to have a life outside of being just a parent, would be great.

    we have to think, it will get better. happy hunting.

    Lou xx



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