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    I’m looking to go back to work 16 hours, I’m currently on universal credit & my daughters just turned 1, will I get help towards childcare? And is there someone I contact or do I just look for childminders etc and contact them & will I still get u/c & my wage, can anyone help me with this thanks

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    I needaliein

    Hi, Bec115, I’m no expert as only started claiming UC because of Covid but…

    I work more than 16hrs with a school age child. Now I’m back at work (but still not the hours pre covid) my wage is still ‘topped up’ by UC.

    When my child started part time nursery age 1 I needed an Ofsted registered childminder or nursery-so I could claim the free hours at ages 2- 3 then 3+. My local childrens centre gave me a list- I know services have been cut back in the last few years, but worth trying.

    There are also a couple of govt. schemes that you can claim childcare costs against tax.

    Not sure if UC takes childcare costs into account against income- I think it might, but need to try and amend my claim as all my free ad hoc wraparound childcare is not possible due to covid so am paying for after school nursery place now (!)

    Hope that’s of some help 🙂

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    Yes it was thank you I was full time but they couldn’t provide flexible working after maternity, so I’ve got to start again & get something for 16 hours but thank you it’s helpful to know everything & get an idea

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