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    Hi everyone,

    My ex and I share time with our son. However he has started calling it ‘going to dad’s house’ or ‘ being at mam’s house’. I’m not keen on this as it is like he doesn’t have a home its either his Dad’s or Mam’s.

    What do other people call them so it feel like they have a home at both places?



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    For the past few years my kids have had just one ‘home’, still called ‘home’. They’re getting a phased introduction to their other parent’s home right now, I’ll be interested to see how their language develops and if they start calling them both ‘home’ further down the line. They don’t yet.

    I guess it depends how old your son is, whether to just let him find his own words.

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    Hi LS4202

    I have the same thing and all I do is call them mummy and Caleb’s (my son) home and then Daddy and Caleb’s home. he is 3 in a couple of weeks and he has started to use that term, which I hope gives him an idea that both are his homes.

    hope that makes sense to you.

    Lou x


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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