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    Karen G

    I am a new single parent and living under the same roof as my ex-partner who finished with me with a 10 month old baby just before Christmas. I am looking for a place to rent but the majority of agencies / landlords will not take benefits. I have a guarantor set up and can pay for a few months in advance if I borrow money. Its a really competitive rental market and I’m struggling to get somewhere.

    I have asked the council for a list of agencies / landlords that take benefits but was told this doesn’t exist.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, experience of trying to get a new rental property, whilst on benefits?

    Any help really appreciated.

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    Can you not apply to the council and declare yourself as vunerable and semi homeless..They should then attribute a welfare officer to help you bid…

    Basically, you need to get on the social housing/council lists.

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    I know its unlikely but if you are not working but could access six months rent upfront (from a relative for example) then the rental agencies have ‘reduced their risk’ – this is what I had to do.  I have had to extend the lease (on a periodic tenancy) and because I paid for the first six months they have no issue with me.

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    Karen G

    Hi tipple

    Thanks for your message.  I’m nervous about this but going to look into it more and interesting that yourecassigned a welfare officer- I didnt know that. Thanks!!

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    Karen G

    Hey snowballipahill,

    Thanks for your message. I am.considering this and great ti hear you’ve had success with this. A big undertaking, but fan ti hear it paid off! Thanks


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