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    I’ve been offered a conditional offer through college I’m looking to study phycology my subject of course is access to health and well being I want to improve my study’s and qualifications work on what I’ve already got to improve my understanding and get the right job so I decided college was the best opportunity I have a son who is 4 he’s in nursery 9-2pm five days a week I have been offered a placement full time Wednesday Thursday Friday 9-4pm Im a single mum I’m looking into child care like drop offs and pick ups noone I know is possible I’ve tryed registered child minders been to my local council for information and asked the college I’ve spoke with my son’s health visitor in regards to his hours I’ve also phoned other nurserys one beside me has said they do after school pick ups but not mornings as his other nurserys to far which is early years he’s been there since 1 year old he’s 4 I’ve applied him for preschool but still waiting on a place in the school my son’s health visitors explained it could affect him changing nurserys to much so I’m best keeping him were he is but as I’ve explained I want to make it as easy as possible for him but also don’t want to withdrawal my offer as next year he starts school anyway I need to get a job regardless but its hard due to fitting the hours only option I have is asking 8am start and after noon pick up for the after school club at the other nursery beside me so least he’s still in the nursery 5 days and using the the privet nursery for 3/4 hours on his Wednesday Thursday Friday as his hours are 9-2 I’m going to try speak with the manager and I’m aware nurserys hours are changing so try 8am so least I’m dropping of and it’s just relying on someone to pick him up for those three days it’s so stressful my mum’s offers but she’s unwell as it is some days she can sleep through the day I just can’t have her miss pick ups its to much to expect and I feel bad as it’s not her responsibilities I have no support from my son’s dad or his grannys there never consistent im on benefits I don’t want on benefits I want to work any advice or anyone know any websites with childminders? Thanks x

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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