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    My wife has left with my two boys aged 8 and 7 she has taken them to a woman’s refuge claiming domestic abuse with there is none I’ve done nothing wrong she said to the boys we are going on an adventure for which they replied we want to go home and be with daddy she said it’s just for one night that was 12 days ago I know they don’t want to be there what will happen to them while they are in the refuge I know everyday they will be asking after me what will the refuge be saying to the kids I’m worried she’s going to poison them against me

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    I suspect your first step will be to speak to social services who will act as go-between to establish facts.

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    That’s a tough case to work on. You could try and find a good lawyer. Then you will get the necessary pieces of advice. If you have proof of your wife’s behavior, you get more chances to win the trial. I hope that my advice would help you somehow.

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    Tbh, it’s incredibly difficult to get into a refuge & effectively you can’t without significant & persistent issues being present & assessments to meet the threshold of eligibility, even with this; it can be tough.

    Refuges are professional domestic violence services who provide expert specialist support; the only information given to any child would be about understanding what abuse is & how to heal healthily.

    There is no way a person would be able to get into a refuge on a whim or without reason. There is so much support around your ex & child… Seems like a bit of a joke to suggest they wouldn’t be safe or be allowed to be given harmful information!

    You might do better to look at how your behaviour has informed this situation….  sounds like your in denial & attempting to invalidate refuges as much as your ex… Good luck with that!

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    Also natacornis ….

    Attempting to track anyone in a refuge is illegal & a danger to all surviours of abuse.

    If anyone I found doing so; you will likely be prosecuted.

    I’ve reported you & hope you are removed from this website.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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