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    Hi everyone first time doing this so bare with me ha. It’s been 8month since I split with my ex partner and to say the least it was a toxic relationship and the only thing good to come out of it was my baby boy who is now 2. I’ve been having trouble to get contact with him and his dad it’s been one hell of a eight month from threats to me and my house where me and my son live to me getting him earlier and the final stare you rang me saying he couldn’t cope and didn’t want to see him. But within a matter of days he once again hanged his mind but I had enough and stopped contact all together. It’s been two month since this happens and I’ve been non stopped hassled every single days by messages and phone calls of him and his mother and I don’t know why to do cause I know my son loves him and often crys to see him and it breaks my heart I’ve tried ringing my health visitor and other organisations to help it no one is willing to help and because there is no abuse to my son I can’t get a contact centre and i feel backed in a corner and I was hoping someone could offer me advice ? Thanks x

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    Hi, I can see your post was over a year ago and it saddens me that no one offered you any advice. O am unaware if you still use Gingerbread as a form of support but I thought I would reply to you anyway. I am hoping as I do, that you receive an email notification and that you still have access to this email.

    I really hope that you managed to find the support that you needed and did not go on to experience any further difficulties with the father of your child. However, if you did not I can only imagine how it feels to be misinformed, redirected and left clueless on what you can do.

    If your little one will be unlikely to “achieve or maintain” or, “have an opportunity of achieving or maintaining, “a reasonable standard” of health or development and/if their “health or development is likely to be significantly  impaired or further impaired” without support, you may be eligible for a child in need assessment.

    The Children’s Act of 1989 clearly sets out the responsibilities of the local authority. If you need their help, go back. You clearly have your child’s best interest at heart so you have absolutely nothing to worry about. If you have suffered further or your child has suffered any further due to the advice your health visitor, I would strongly recommend you confront them with this information and raise a !formal! complaint. They have a duty of care and ultimately have failed you and your child. This is bad practice, even possibly unlawful.  I would be so guilty to know this individual is allowed to continue to misinform parents.

    LEGAL ADVICE IS NEEDED HUN. Sorry, it is literally all I have for you at this present moment in time but I hope it is enough to motivate change if you need it still.

    I really do hope you are well.

    I hope you already found the light to the situation but if not I truly hope this has helped.

    best wishes


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