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    Has anyone had trouble private renting?

    ive been separated over two years now and last December had had enough of sharing a house with ex so decided to move out as he wouldn’t.  My two older boys of 23 & 18 stayed there and I moved out with our 8 year old son. I moved back to my childhood area to be near my sister and am house sharing with my elderly aunt. It was only supposed to be temporary but 8 months later I’m still here as i can’t find a landlord that will take me.

    im working part time at a school which is all I can do and as much as I’d like to work full time, I don’t have childcare for my son in school holidays so have to claim housing benefit but I can’t find a landlord that will accept this and to make matters worse I have a dog (and re-homing him is not an option)

    ive been emailing loads a week and keep getting told no. I’m not rich and can’t pay 2/4/6 months rent up front that their asking for, I’m even having to borrow for the deposit and the council can’t help me.

    anyone got any advice?

    i really don’t want to have to move out the area as my son is settled at his new school but I’m running out of options!

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    Hi Jo

    Is there anyone who could act as guarantor for you?


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    Hi Suzanne

    That’s my other problem, I don’t!

    my parents are retired and I don’t know anyone at all that earns £30,000+ a year in wages ☹️

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    Go to the council, what if your aunt asks you to leave as it becomes too much council would have to help.

    The cost for private is silly but the wait for social housing is also silly. Your council should help or at least advise you on your options.

    Hope you get some help soon

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    Thanks gingey28

    my situation is unusual and a lot of people don’t agree with my actions but:

    i have a joint council tenancy already with my husband so we both have rights to the house. He refused to leave as he didn’t want the break up (and he’s in his right to). We tried living under the same roof for just over two years but it was confusing and upsetting our sons and two of them being young adults weren’t coping with it so I decided to move out. I refuse to remove my name though incase circumstances change and I can get the house back at any time.

    the council can’t help me at all as if I remove my name I’m then making myself intentionally homeless.

    If I take it to court to win the house (which I don’t want to do) then I could end up upsetting my other sons who are still living with their dad and I don’t want to chuck him out on the streets either plus I can’t afford and don’t have the energy for a court battle

    So i thought it woukd be easier for me but realise now private renting is difficult.

    if my aunt really wants me to leave at any time then I would have to move back there with no choice but it would be very uncomfortable


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    I see yes you dont want to make yourself intentionally homeless. However won’t it become known you aren’t living there anymore

    Wow I wouldn’t know what to do there. Difficult I got a lot of help when i recently moved out of my mums with my son but my circumstances were quite simple


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    My housing officer is fully aware that im not living there anymore but he doesn’t seem to care! It was him that told me not to remove my name but couldn’t house either of us and doesn’t want to get involved. He told me to take it to court but only if I wanted to. I’m even claiming benefits at my new address and never been questioned it’s absolutely crazy but in my favour so private renting is my only option but so difficult!

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    Aaah well that’s ok as long as nothin comes bk against u for still having your name down.

    Have you looked on rightmove, Zoopla, etc. I know most want advance rent and deposit and fees before u even start it’s harsh. Who readily has all that money and even if people get help with rent still have to fork out upfront costs themselves

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    Hi Jo45

    I had similar problems with my housing 7 years ago when I moved back to North Somerset from Coventry whilst pregnant to stay with my parents, after leaving my alcoholic ex. Have you tried going to the Citizens Advice Beareau, there is usually one surgery a week in  every town. Look on their website for your local one. They have people that can set you in the right direction for most topics, I have always found them very helpful.

    Eventually I got a decent housing officer who put me in touch with a private landlord who had a house that they couldn’t rent or sell their property and were willing to take a family with housing benefit. They also run a deposit scheme in some areas where you pay a small amount to the council every month and they guarantee your deposit. This did happen though as they forced my dad to sign a statement to say he was making me homeless (which he was devastated about). I may have had to be placed in family temporary accommodation, but would have waited ages for social housing.

    All was great till the landlord decided to put the rent up from a decent, affordable amount to an amount more in line with the ridiculous rents being charged in my area now. So almost back to square one again I think, but I will definitely be paying a visit to the CAB for help! Hope you can get something  resolved.

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    Hi pinnelly

    the trouble I have is I’m in Hertfordshire one of the most expensive areas and being so close to London landlords can rent their properties very quickly to commuters so they seem to pick and choose who they want ☹️

    My aunt did write me a (dummy) eviction notice for the council but as I am on a tenancy still there’s absolutely nothing they can do for me but perhaps I might take your advice and give it a go with cab you never know…

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    That tenancy situation is the issue, the fact your on one means the council wont help.

    Try Cab hope they help, more than they do for me

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    I had a problem 6 yrs ago when I split with my ex and moved from Sweden back to England to be with family, my kids were alot younger then and we tried for ages and eventually hit jack pot when we came accross an estate agents and the owner was a single dad he rang the landlord of the property we were interested in for us and we got it. I didnt have a guarantor then so just be patient it will happen, estate agents can be persuasive its finding one thats sympathetic to your circumstances.

    We are trying to move as our landlord is selling. The council often help with moving costs, rent in advance and £150 towards agency fees.

    Good luck



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    Thanks Hope

    that sounds positive.

    i already have a council house but going back there is not possible so private renting is my only option but like you say it’s so difficult! and especially without a guarantor.

    thats what I’m hoping for though that I will find someone who is sympathetic and will rent to me. I know if I moved further up north it is easier but I don’t want to have to look for another job or move my son from his school. It’s so frustrating.

    i am listed on most agencies incase anything comes up and I look on gumtree, dss move and OpenRent every day but nothing yet ☹️

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