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    Liane 245

    Hi hello 👋

    👩 Im new here.

    I signed up a couple of days ago and have just been the end of peoples posts, so a few of you may have seen my name and profile already.

    I live in Basildon and yesterday left home early to attend a horse show in chelmsford. After that I drove to my mum and step fathers house in colchester to get ready for a 90s tribute night in Braintree.

    It was awesome. I loved the music and although I didn’t really drink, I danced like a teenager and really enjoyed myself.

    The last tribute night I went to before that was at orsett hall spa and hotel for my youngest sisters wedding. Although the music was good the sound engineer was CRAP so all the speakers fuzzed and crackled and the poor girl on the stage had to shout rather than sing, lol.

    Has anyone else been to any really good events lately??

    I don’t often go out.

    Skint is my most regular awnser but just recently I’ve had a few really nice days, nights and evenings.

    Dunton car boot sale with a girlfriend, Rock Candy at the Castlemayne and a Cabaret night at church.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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