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    split from daughter’s father 4 years ago.  He immediately moved 70 miles away.  no court order in place.  He has always completed all travel as he moved.

    In November, he split with girlfriend, moved back to our home town, promised our daughter the world and promptly moved back 70 miles away just before Christmas.

    he is now insisting I complete the pick ups, after I do a 9 hour day and journey takes at least an hour each way.

    he only sees her every other Saturday.  Our daughter has only stayed 8 times in 4 years now he is insisting she stay if I don’t pick her up?  she is unwillingly to stay because of the GF, i have honestly encouraged her but she is angry with her dad and adamant.  can  anyone please help me on the rules of travel and her staying?  we tried mediation but it failed….,your collective wisdom is much appreciated.

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    it would be kind of you to help him by doing half drop offs or meet him at half way point. it’s up to you. I don’t have that option and just do all the pick ups and drop offs. as there’s no court order in place, its pretty much up to both of you, if and how often your daughter can stay with him.

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    Why on earth would you be going to so much trouble for someone who has been inconsistent and not there for you or your daughter over the years? Though it is very generous and kind of you.Your daughter is probably feeling hurt and let down! How is it sensible that he can’t be bothered to bring her back and your daughter doesn’t even want to stay but you still think you have to take her?  I admire how you are obviously trying to do the right thing,but it sounds like it must be a lot of work for you and who are you pleasing exactly?

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