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    Good morning everyone


    firstly im a sperated dad with a new partner i have 3 children in total. One permanetly with myself and partner. My other two stay with there mum.

    I moved away after seperation due to living with my ex and having no family in that area so i moved back to the city i know for family support. I see my children every two weeks which is brilliant. The only problem is i have to do all of the travel due to my ex not able to drive (her new partner is able to drive tho) so i pick them up on a friday and bring back to my house. Then drop back on a sunday. This is a total round trip of 400 miles. This isnt so much of a problem.


    My main problem is my ex is now talking about moving to wales with my children. So firstly am i right in thinking does she have to have my written permission to move there in the first place due to being another country. Secondly can i claim travel allowance for the miles i have to collect them from cma?


    sorry for the long post



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    she can move anywhere in UK with the kids. only way to prevent that is to apply to court. yes you can claim long distance travel as a special expense with CMS.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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