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    I was just wondering if anyone had experienced the following?
    I have 4 children & have around 18 months ago come out of a DV relationship. Every aspect of my life was controlled. My ex’s mother paid the rent and bond on my now current home (on her street) to help get me & my children away from the DV. I felt I had little choice but to agree. My ex and I were sharing the travel, just over an hour each way. Until 1 day he completely lost his temper and smashed my car up (with my kids inside) I should probably mention that only my youngest child is his. There have been many issues in between splitting up and now with him trying to take control back & is wanting me to do pick ups from himself on a Sunday. he has now taken this as far as mediation & if no agreements come from that he will then take it to court.
    I refuse to collect from his home due to his inability to regulate his emotions around me, particularly his temper & particularly when he doesn’t get his own way. Also the trauma of what he has put my other children through, one is currently on the SEMH register at school (things have been settled for a few month now) as well as 1 that has panic attacks if he thinks he has to see my ex. At my home I have CCTV and can lock doors etc as well as have the my phone number connected to some kind of DV line at the local police station, so if I ever call they have said they can be at my home within 7 mins with lights on. This makes me And my kids feel safe to an extent. My question is, will a court see me as unreasonable for refusing to share the travel arrangements? I just do not feel it is in anyone’s best interests and that mental health will suffer.

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