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    I feel so frustrated. My ex left my child and I and we were forced out of our home. Time has moved on but I just can’t see a way to improve things for us financially. There is limited wrap around care at the school, family are not close by and I don’t have any skills or talents that I could use to run a small business from home. Anything I do earn reduces my tax credits. I can’t seem to lift us into being better off. I watch his quality of life growing and growing and yet ours is totally stagnant. We are only a year post divorce so how can that be? I thought divorce was supposed to ensure that each side had the  same quality of life. What can I do to  improve things for us?

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    Hi Sunflowerpup

    Are you getting any Child maintenance from your ex? mine is self employed and so I only get a little bit although he always seems to have new trainers, buys treats for kids etc. That is really hard.

    In the first year of my ex leaving I spent a lot of time worrying about money and got as many of my housing/living costs down as much as possible. I switch my elec/gas every year and home insurance etc. having never had any savings with my ex I have managed to slowly pay off one of my overdrafts which has saved me money in the long term, its very small amounts but it all helps me feel in control.

    I found a budgeting app which helps keep track of where my money was going and over time I have been able to see a gradual improvement.

    good luck, it is really hard being on your own and wanting a better life for your family.

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    I don’t have any skills or talents that I could use to run a small business from home.

    I think you do yourself an injustice there. It doesn’t take any particular skills or talents to run a small business from home. In my work I come across many people who have done / are doing just that ie. running a business from home.

    Whether it’s making craft products (from candles to soaps) and selling them on ebay, itsy, wherever or doing some dog sitting, there are numerous opportunities to earn a few quid working from home. Try Google for some ideas.

    The one thing you need to watch out for are courses claiming to teach you how you can run your own business from home. You don’t need to pay for any of this advice, there’s plenty online available for free.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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