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    My ex recently transferred his share of the equity in our family home to me. I always said I would try and provide a sum of money informally so he could get a mortgage of his own. We intend to share custody of our children. I know I should have done this formally as part of the transfer of equity but speed was of the essence and I just wanted the transfer done. At the time he just wanted out to be with his affair partner but that has not worked out and now he is full of remorse but there is no going back. It was all completed via a solicitor.

    I now have 20K to give him and he has assured me that will be the end of the matter. I spoke with my solicitor today and she said the house is now 100% legally mine but as I wanted to now transfer a sum of money it is possible that they may muddy the waters and suggested I talk to the family law team but would not really elaborate on why this might be. It is £75 for a consultation but I don’t want to waste money if all they will tell me is that the house is now mine and if I transfer a sum of money it is not a legal matter.

    has anyone been challenged after a legal transfer of equity? – I wonder if he may say he was not fully aware of what he was doing, or had no idea that his equity was worth much more than the 20K I am now proposing to give him etc etc

    or, has anyone used a solicitor to transfer a sum of money in this way and possibly I could get him to sign something to the effect that it is now the end of the matter etc

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    Hi SuperSuper1

    I’m Michelle one of the moderators here in the forum.  I’ve added a link below that may be helpful:

    Rights of Women: Free, confidential legal advice by telephone for women on a wide variety of issues. Specialist areas include family law and domestic violence.

    Kind regards



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