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    To whom this may concern, 

    I am a single mother twice over.

    My son is 10. Seven years ago I studied a math numeracy level 1 and 2.

    My training providers were Pen Green Reserch training  Centre in Corby Northamptonshire and also Tresham college.

    I was given my level 1 math certificate. However my level 2 that I passed in adult numeracy I never got a certificate from OCR and no matter how many emails and calls I am making they make it extremely hard to gain what I worked for and what I should be entitled to. I don’t even have a letter to confirm I passed or a letter that states what units I passed and covered.

    So now 7 years later my son is 10. I have a daughter who is 2.

    I am appied for college last year.  I go to the assessment at Plymouth city college who tell me after my assessment I need to go home with three exam papers. I got child care to attend assessment interview what should have happened I should’ve been enrolled onto a course.

    Instead two weeks later I am struggling with all these papers and heard nothing from college and school study year has already begun.


    I got nursery placement ready. I got application in did assessment.

    I want a GCSE math as I need a C grade I have one year to get it before I need to be back in work.


    The college have said with out proof I passed my level 2 I can not go on to gcse math.


    I have a level 3 cache child care diploma I did 7 years ago. Again Pen Green Corby Northamptonshire. Did not give me my final assessment evaluation on one file so they never completed me on this course. They didn’t provide me a letter with my units I had covered or finish me on the course and give me the certificate I worked so hard for.

    They say education training is available to help single parents.


    They say you do this and you will enhance your own chances to open up opportunity.


    What they don’t tell you is that they will get your hopes up in achieving something that could change your working path for the better, only to turn round and say at every time you are so close to achieving what you worked hard for and wanted so much. Is that if there is an issue like not receiving proof of your work they will walk away ignore you let you down and that ultimately I am no better off then where I was 10 years ago.

    At these points I believe job centre should be able to assist people like me.

    We are all told we have a Work Coach!

    The work coach give you a pet shop at the job centre. The work coach gives you red alert letters if you do not go online to write what you are doing to help improve your work skills. But the work coach does not step in at times like this to raise attention to the fact this person has been doing this whilst alone with children working her back side off and shouldn’t walk away with nothing.


    The work coach doesn’t ring you or provide any social duty of care that could help single parents actually find the correct job that they want and one that makes that person happy and give them what they need so they can do it. Help support them by being able to also help with multi agencies.

    These times and experiences I have been through crush me.

    I feel like there is no one who hears me and shouldn’t your work coach hear you at times like this and help to see what could be done to help things along more?

    I have a child care cache diploma level 3 68%! Since 7 years ago.

    On core South West have now said as long as I can get Pen Green centre to give me an email on the units I completed.  That they will finish me so I can gain my qualification.

    But in order to use a child care level 3 in a school I would need GCSE math at grade c and mine is an E.

    I have been attending barnardos children centre where I just completed a level 1 in child care so I can do voluntary work in child care.

    I applied for college this year.

    And as I said plymouth  college said I was not able to go on to gcse math course.

    Five assessment sheets. Two weeks late in even contacting me as they had forgotten me. They then say no choice I will have to do functional skills math level 2!! I did is seven years ago.

    And also I have one year before job centre will scream at me.

    And it doesn’t matter how desperate I am for the opportunity that I ensure nursery placement for my daughter is completed with the college and that I attend the assessment date and found child care. That I expressed how important this is for me. I still have not been given a chance.

    Since I have been attending school run and a lady who has been accepted on to the course has told me there is loads of spaces.

    As so many people did not even show up to begin the course. No one even contacted me to tell me there maybe spaces available for people now.

    I have spent a full week emailing Tresham college. Plymouth city college. Pen green research and training  centre.

    All educational providers who have let me down as a single parent.


    It makes me feel so upset as my chances to succeed or make changes for my work life and for my family have been taken away from me.

    And I am that parent who has been doing everything I can to try and better my own situation.

    How do we change this so that other parents don’t suffer the same.

    I now am looking at level 2 in

    kids fitness instructing.  No day time course for parents with kids. Only evening. That doesn’t help a single parent who doesn’t have child care and many of us don’t.

    However 22 week course and could give me skills so I could help assist with P. E in schools. In order to gain this qualification myself I will have to pay £399 for course. So I am now writing to job centre to say to work coach can you actually help me with this in finding out if there is day time course in the area and one were I am eligible to attend for free like at the college.

    It is a battle trying to achieve just the simple things you need in order to get on but I am not giving up.

    If any one has any information or suggestions. Maybe something I haven’t thought about maybe it can help to ultimately achieve the gain that I so desperately need.


    Emailing colleges all and not even one reply.





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    Well, it sounds like you’ve accessed the education. You just need to prove it.

    Can you get a solicitor to write to Penn Green and Tresham, and ask them to confirm your pass in Level 2 adult numeracy and your level 3 child care.  Without a letter or email, how do you know you passed?

    Keep pushing for confirmation. Contact your mp if necessary.Don’t let all that work go to waste. Time to get all pointy elbowed. Good luck

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