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    Hi I’m new here,

    I gave birth to my daughter five days ago and I’m in this on my own as well as a first time mum. Although I’m blessed to have amazing family and friends to help this week has been the darkest, scariest, hardest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life.

    I can’t eat (have to force myself and can manage little bits) I love my little girl more than life but this new mum thing is so daunting. Anxiety is constantly through the roof my mood is being battered around like a tennis match. For example my amazing mum took her for the day to let me get some sleep and I got anxious and felt lost without her and was still unable to relax. This is honestly harder than I can describe, this gorgeous little life is depending on me and I’m in such a dark place. Please some tip, reassurance anything would be amazing.


    Thank you

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    Hi hun,

    As a single FTM I know exactly what you’re going through!

    Just wanted to say that it will get better! It’s the hardest job in the world and oh so daunting doing it all alone but having amazing support around you is key! Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

    You’re bound to feel overwhelmed, your life has just turned itself upside down with becoming a mother but you’re doing an amazing job!

    If you’re on Instagram then give psychedmommy a follow. She knows how it is and gives the best motivational tips! (We all need them) lol


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    Hey congratulations on the birth of your daughter. I know exactly what you mean. Im 30 with a 21 month old. I was living with my Mum when i had my son, was a massive help. I remember 2 days after he was born i was about to eat my tea and I had my head on the table thinking “wow im sooooooo tired and really do not know how I am going to do this”. Babys Dad said he wanted nothing to do with him, reckons not his but if is not bothered.  Yes his exact words

    I moved out of my Mums year ago, awful flat, we moved again 6months ago now in lovely house.

    Its very tough, and yes when my auntir and uncle offered to have him overnight a few weeks old i was crying and felt lost. Please take the help you get and also offers of babysitting and overnight stays. Yes the anxiety is there when thy are away but its a natural feeling at such a young age and when you are first time Mum

    I have a lot of help and he stays at my mums 2nights in the week so i get a break. Really helps. Im never afraid yo ask for help. We are human, we get tired, we have our off days we need help

    This forum is brilliant to talk to others too. Feel free to private message or chat on here anytime. Hope you are ok and big hug you are doing fab

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    Hi all,

    Perhaps this organisation can help.

    Family Lives provide general support to families on issues around parenting, emotional support and just generally coping as a parent  0808 800 2222

    It will get easier as time goes on.

    All the best


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