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    This sounds fantastic! Definitely not from a dating point of view but as friends.

    I can also do every other weekend, as we have a 50/50 situation.

    Keep us all posted.

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    Agreed – my take on it is that its primarily a sociable and platonic activity. Maybe someone who has interacted with a moderator could ask about some sort of interactive map feature where people could organise events?

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    That sounds nice, great idea, my kids are 11, 13 and 15 so unlikely to come if I’m honest. Depends where we meet. Myself I’d love to meet some new friends in similar situations

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    Okay, it’s early days but at the moment we appear to be looking at somewhere around the M4 corridor.

    I have one kid who would not want to come and one who would, so for me I would probably be kid free for a first catch up. More than happy for others to have kids and be there to assist with keeping an eye out etc.

    Jon – unfortunately I think you may be being a bit optimistic about the possibility of an interactive map, so I shall go analogue and use a standard map.

    I’m thinking options of Bath/Bristol way, to Reading end. Mid all of us are Swindon and Newbury 😕, not exactly tourist hot spots but I have to say the Avebury/Marlborough area is nice.

    Lalaland – how far could you travel? Not wanting you missing out. I like to drive so I’ll go where suits most people.

    Any other takers? Maybe make some plans after a few days when others have had chance to catch up on the chat?


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    @Jaekae maybe look at somewhere like Blaise estate for Bristol? It’s fairly accessible and not far from the motorway? Also plenty of fresh air and away from the mobs in the town? Usually an ice cream van too!

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    I can do that. How about anyone else? Can always have more than one option/meet up place.

    Next thing would be which weekend and then which day of the weekend etc?

    Perhaps see who else is interested first and go from there?

    Ice cream is good, second after cake 😁

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    Clearly cake ice cream will be the trend of the summer!

    Ironically I was down that way today. Am happy to do most weekends with some notice. Have a relative/childcare bubbler in Bristol so makes it fairly easy for me at the weekends.

    Anyone else stuck for something to do later this week most stuff is pre-book only still but more places are opening up. Happy to dig around and see what’s available and preferably free

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    Sorry can’t do any earlier, this is my busy work period so I’m juggling 12 hour days and kids at mo. Plus let’s just say if anyone meets me at the moment I’m hyped on caffeine and chocolate- it’s not pretty. That and the side effects of the Covid vaccine I’m hoping sanity will return soon!😁

    On that point – The vaccine is essential to have but as single parents be warned – have support on standby, you may need it.
    It knocked me for six physically and emotionally. Mainly the latter – I’ve not been my normal Tigger/Pooh self the last week or two, more Piglet and even an Eeyore moment. This is apparently common. Most frustrating but it will be worth it in the long run.😊

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    That’s a shame, I’m way over on the East Coast, Scarborough to be exact.

    It’d be a tad too far for me realistically, everyone seems to be down South, is there anyone in the North Yorkshire area?

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    I’m a single woman of 43.  I have a 2 year old and an even younger 23 year old (no, you did not read that wrong the adult really seems younger than the toddler).  I understand where you are coming from totally.

    I often think that no-one will ever be interested in me again, I’ve got a few scars, skeletons in the closet, and what some consider me be a big belly (hey – I love prosecco and maltesers what can I say?)  I’ve thought about the dating scene again, but internet dating, oh good god no – I can’t, signed up to a few sites and then never gone back to them, the replies all seem to good to be true !!! – and they probably are.

    I’ve now realised I’m happy alone – I can call takeout and eat as many bags of maltesers as I like, I’ve given up trying, like another poster I think there are other more important things 🙂 but secretly I probably am hoping if I stop trying it just might “happen” 🙂

    Good luck and love to you all xxx

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    I could do a London meet up because its central and time is tight otherwise. Onaya, I completely get where you’re coming from. And evan then I may may bail out as far too difficult at times. Racingred0, I get it. Life is great, but it does get lonely and at times so nice to see people face to face. Friends rather than dates for me right now. I have also joined a single parent travel group on Facebook and look forward to some camping events this summer.

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    Any of you lucky English residents make it to a pub yesterday? We’re weeks behind over in Wales, I’m sure lots of Welsh were in Bristol last night 🤣🤣

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    Hi everyone,

    Hope you’ve all had a good holiday break. Wondering if people are still interested in meeting up?

    I’d like to, especially after meeting up with a parent yesterday for a walk and a chat. I hadn’t realised how much I’ve missed talking face to face, it’s so much easier, and weirdly less nerve wracking!

    Let me know – I’m happy to coordinate a group meet up if needed – I think it would be nice if there’s a few of us (Covid allowing). One East, one West maybe?

    Oops- had to edit it as it had all weird formatting stuff!😕

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    We definitely should try, make use of what little freedom were slowly getting back!

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    Yep @Jaekae still happy to meet up. Any ideas?

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