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    Hey guys hope all well

    My word I’ve had an awful 2 years with the relationship I was in. I mean what a person he is. Unsupportive, hardly uses his brain and says wrong thing and treats me like I’m some tramp he met. Talks to me like no man should. Makes me feel inadequate and I’m tired of the same issues. I dunno why I’ve put up with it

    Everything is wrong. I need to block him for good and move on I’ve said this plenty of times and never done it but my word I’m going to look back and realise how much I wasted with him when I would have been happier on my own with my son.

    I hardly spend much time with him apart from through day maybe evenings together very few. He is much older but talks to me like I’m nothing and when he does wrong it gets taken out on me

    Anyone else know the feeling?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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