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    I’m hoping to get some clarification on the tier 4 regulations. We went in to tier 4 this morning whilst my daughter was scheduled to be at her dads for 5 days. She called me last night from her uncle’s house in Bristol 40 miles away. Her dad had surprised her with the 5 night trip and although she wanted to spend time with her cousins she was anxious about the legality of being there and her uncle’s refusal to wear a mask in public.

    I sent a text to her father asking him if he had a reason to be there to reassure daughter and he told me it wasn’t my business as he had custody and was reluctant to allow me to speak to my daughter on her phone. I called 101 for advice and was told that I should contact social services as I didn’t know the address of where she was.

    My daughter is 12 and is encouraged at home to express her views, and to take part in age appropriate decisions and responsibilities. She has always been wary of approaching her Dad directly with concerns especially when she doesn’t know where she is.

    Her father has told me that he has jurisdiction when she is in his custody.  Am I allowed to request her location from her father before he has unsupervised contact to avoid her feeling this way again?


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    I am pretty sure he is allowed to go there with his daughter as he is single so therefore forming a support bubble with his uncle etc. I think its advise not to travel rather than law. I would imagine after this trip to uncles he may not got here again.

    It is up to dad where he goes and what he does in uk during the 5 days he has her and doesnt have to disclose his wherabouts. Equally you dont have to either whilst she is your care.

    Obviously after today the covid regualtions make things trickier and it may be having a chat with him if you are unhappy. He may say hes fed up on his own and its a 1 off trip before spending next few months in his hometown

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