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    Hi everyone

    so I’m single  and 36 and for the past few years I have been thinking about going it alone with having a baby. I was wondering if there are any single mothers out there that can give me a bit of advice. I have had the hycosy scan and all my lady parts are in working order !! And the next step is joining a fertility clinic and starting the process…..either that or I may try with a lovely male friend who has offered to donate his sperm. Of course there are one million different thoughts and feelings about being a single mum and how to do about it. I have a good family support and lovely friends. I know I would be a great mum I am just so scared financially. Without another half by myside (which believe me I have tried to get) I feel like I may be a burden on my family and  have to rely on them a lot. I am a nurse so I don’t earn so much money and I don’t own my own house (I can’t see how I can in this financial climate we live in) has anyone got any advice or in the same situation. A lot of my friends just say go for it and worry about the rest later but that’s all very well I don’t want to only be eating toast for the rest of my life!!!

    look forward to hearing your stories

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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