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    Evening ladies and gents. I’m Alex. Single Dad 50% of the time to 2x handsome young men.

    My question actually relates to my girlfriend’s 15yr old daughter, and I’d really appreciate any input.

    I’ll give you some background, but I’ll try to keep it short… my girlfriend and her ex have been separated around 5yrs, although not divorced as he won’t even discuss it at the moment. She and I have been together around 18 months. She lives in the UK with their 4 children, works full time to support them and receives no financial support from him, apart from the occasional (once or twice a year) £50. He now lives on the Isle of Man, has a long history of drug misuse and mental health issues. During their time together he refused to engage with any therapy/counselling suggested by my girlfriend and, after more than one overdose at home, for the wellbeing of the children she told him he needed to leave.

    Fast forward 5 years. 15yr old daughter has recently fallen out with a group of friends, is in the middle of GCSEs, has had all the Covid nonsense to deal with and has some anxiety issues in general. So she’s decided the best thing to do is to go and live with her Dad, and it’ll all be happily ever after…

    Obviously my girlfriend feels that A: Running away isn’t a healthy way to deal with fairly standard teen issues, and B: That he’s not really in a position to take responsibility for her.

    She doesn’t think he’s really thought through his responsibilities, so has been compiling a list of all the things he’d need to do in order for her to go and live there. For example, secure a school place, the ability to buy uniform/equipment etc, register her with doctor/dentist, provide a proper room for her to call her own, provide emotional and financial support.

    So my question is. Are there any other major things you guys can think of that he needs to implement/prepare? She’s fairly convinced that once he realises what’s actually involved, and the fact that he’s going to have to do it all, he’ll suddenly go quiet on the issue.


    Thanks in advance gents.


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